Do Snapchat memories take up storage on your phone?

Do Snapchat memories take up storage on your phone?

Love taking lots of pictures on Snapchat, but does it fill up my phone’s storage? Wondering if Snapchat Memories use up space?

Many of us thoroughly enjoy capturing countless moments through Snapchat’s photo features. However, as we indulge in snapping a multitude of photos, a common concern arises: do Snapchat Memories consume storage on our phones?

Let’s dive deep into the question: Do Snapchat memories take up storage on your phone?

How does Snapchat save our memories?

Snapchat saves your memories in a two-stage process:

Step 1: Local Cache

  • When you save a Snap or Story to Memories, an initial small copy is stored on your phone’s local storage. This acts as a cache for faster access and offline viewing.
  • This cache typically includes smaller versions of photos and videos, along with thumbnails and metadata for quick retrieval.
  • While convenient, the cache can accumulate over time, especially with frequent saving, potentially contributing to storage issues.

Step 2: Cloud Storage

  • The primary backup of your memories occurs in the cloud, housed on Snapchat’s secure servers.
  • This cloud storage holds full-resolution versions of your photos and videos, ensuring their safety and accessibility even if you switch phones or uninstall the app.
  • Importantly, the cloud storage doesn’t affect your phone’s internal space directly.

Do Snapchat memories take up storage on your phone?

Snapchat Memories itself stores photos and videos on the cloud, so technically no, it doesn’t directly take up phone storage. However, it creates a local cache for faster access, and this cache can accumulate and take up significant space, especially with many memories. So, indirectly, yes, Snapchat Memories can impact your phone’s storage.

“Snapchat Memories stores photos and videos in the cloud, not directly using phone storage. Yet, a local cache for quicker access can accumulate and indirectly impact your phone’s storage, especially with a large number of memories.”

Snapchat memories can affect your phone’s storage in two ways:

Memories themselves:

While the actual photos and videos you save to Memories are primarily stored in the cloud, they can create a local cache on your phone for faster access. This cache can accumulate and take up significant storage space, especially if you have a lot of memories.

Memories cache:

This is what can potentially eat up the most space. It stores temporary data like thumbnails, previews, and recently viewed memories to make the app run faster. While convenient, it can contribute to storage issues over time.

Does Snapchat have unlimited storage on the iPhone?

Snapchat promotes “unlimited” storage for memories on its website, but there are limitations:

No official cap:

There is no defined storage limit, but Snapchat reserves the right to restrict your usage at any time for excessive storage consumption.

Local cache:

Snaps and Stories create a local cache for faster access on your iPhone, which impacts your phone’s storage directly. This cache can build up significantly, even though actual files are in the cloud.

How many snaps can you save in the chat?

The number of snaps you can save in a Snapchat chat depends on two factors:

Snap type:

Only photo Snaps set to no limit and video Snaps set to loop can be saved in chats. Snaps with a timer of 1–10 seconds cannot be saved in chats.

You can check the timer before sending a snap. Look for the timer icon with an infinity symbol (∞) next to it. If you see the infinity symbol, you can save the snap in the chat.

Individual chat settings:

You and the other person in the chat can individually choose to allow or disable saving of Snaps in the chat. This setting applies to both your own Snaps and the other person’s Snaps.

To check or change your chat saving settings, open the chat, tap the other person’s username, and choose “Chat Settings.” Under “Media Options,” you can switch on or off “Save in Chat” for both photos and videos.

Will Snapchat memories stay forever?

As long as your Snapchat account is active and in good standing, your memories remain safe and accessible in the cloud, technically “forever.” Snapchat promises this as a primary benefit of the Memories feature.

Deleting your Snapchat account permanently removes all your memories, including those saved in the cloud.

Why does SnapChat take up so much storage on Android?

There are several reasons why Snapchat can take up a significant amount of storage space on Android phones:

Media Storage:

Snapchat lets you send and receive photos, videos, and other media files. These files are stored locally on your phone to allow for quick access even when offline. Over time, these files accumulate, especially if you send and receive a lot of content.


Snapchat uses caching to provide a smooth and seamless user experience. It caches data for things like stories, memories, lenses, filters, and more. This cached data can take up a lot of space over time, even if you haven’t used the app in a while.

App Updates:

Like any other app, Snapchat releases regular updates to fix bugs, add new features, and improve performance. These updates themselves can take up storage space, especially if you don’t uninstall the older versions.

Unnecessary Files:

Sometimes, Snapchat can also store other temporary files and data that you don’t need anymore. These can include things like chat history, screenshot thumbnails, and failed downloads.

Android Differences:

Compared to iOS, Android platforms typically offer more flexibility in managing files and folders. This can mean that Snapchat might store more data on Android devices if it is not properly managed.

Here are some ways to free up storage space used by Snapchat on Android:

Clear the App Cache: This removes the temporary data without affecting your actual Snapchat usage. Go to Settings > Apps > Snapchat > Storage > Clear Cache.

Delete Old Conversations: Chat history can take up a lot of space. Consider deleting old conversations you don’t need anymore.

Manage Memories: Only save the Snaps and Stories you truly want to keep in Memories. Download important ones to your camera roll and delete them from Memories to free up space.

Uninstall Old App Versions: After updating to a new version of Snapchat, uninstall the older versions to reclaim storage space.

Use External Storage: If your phone supports external SD cards, consider moving some of your Snapchat data to the SD card.

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Snapchat Memories stores photos and videos in the cloud, avoiding direct usage of phone storage. However, the creation of a local cache for faster access may accumulate and indirectly affect your phone’s storage, particularly when dealing with a considerable number of memories.

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