What does WTW mean on Snapchat?

What does WTW mean on Snapchat?

In the modern world of social media, communication has taken on a whole new language. Social media users love to use abbreviations and slang in their online communication.

That is why it becomes necessary to be familiar with common slang, and I am sure you also might have come across WTW on Snapchat or somewhere else.

In this article, we will cover everything about what does WTW mean on Snapchat and how you should respond.

What is WTW?

On Snapchat, there are a lot of slang terms, like IMSG, IGHT, WYLL, and many more. Using slang terms has become very popular these days, and you must be aware of some commonly used slang terms. People often use WTW in their online conversations. What does WTW mean on Snapchat?

Quick Answer

WTW is an abbreviation for “What’s the word?” WTW simply means “What’s up” and “What’s going on.”

When someone texts you WTW on Snapchat, it means they want to know how are you doing.

We can say WTW is an upgraded way of asking what’s going on or how are you doing.

Slang terms

“WTW” can have several meanings depending on the context.

  • Willis Towers Watson: This is a large multinational company. In 2022, they shortened their name to simply “WTW.”
  • “What the what?” (an expression of surprise)
  • “Week on the web” (common in gaming communities)
  • “Wait, that’s what?” (clarifying a question)

How to use WTW?

Using “WTW” effectively depends on the specific meaning you want to convey and the context of the situation.

WTW: Asking for an update

  • WTW is often used to start the conversation.
  • Use “WTW” with a friend or colleague you haven’t spoken to in a while to ask how they’re doing.

WTW: Expressing surprise

  • It is sometimes used when you are confused or shocked.
  • It can be funny, depending on your facial expressions.


You: Hey! Long time, no talk. WTW?

Friend: Not much, just chilling. WTW with you?

You: We’re meeting tomorrow for the project update, right? WTW?

Friend: Absolutely! Everything is on track.

You: WTW for the weekend? Any exciting plans?

Friend: Thinking of hitting the beach. WTW with you?

You: Just got back from vacation. WTW at home?

Friend: Welcome back! Not much, just the usual.

How to Respond to WTW?

Responding to “WTW” (What’s the word?) is casual and open-ended. Here are a few ways you can respond:

Give an update about you:

E.g., “Not much, just relaxing. How about you?”

Share news or plans:

“Guess what! I got a promotion today. WTW for you?”

Express Feelings:

“Excited! Going on a trip this weekend. WTW for you?”

Ask a question in return:

“Just finished a great book. WTW with your reading list?

When to use WTW on Snapchat?

  • Use WTW in your conversation when you want to know what your friend is doing.
  • When you are confused about how to start a conversation with a stranger, you can start with WTW.
  • You can use “WTW” when you are discussing weekend plans.
  • Use “WTW” to share a quick personal update about your life.

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On Snapchat, the meaning of WTW is “What’s the word?”

In this article, I have covered everything related to WTW. I hope you are now clear about the meaning of WTW. Now you are ready to use this word in your conversation.

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