What does TMB mean on Snapchat?

What does “TMB” mean on Snapchat?

Have you recently encountered the slang term TMB while conversing with your friend on Snapchat and wondered what TMB means on Snapchat?

Let’s discuss what TMB means on Snapchat and how you can use it in your conversation.

What does TMB mean on Snapchat?

Before understanding the meaning of TMB, let’s understand why social media users use slang terms in their conversations and why it is evolving.

Slang adds a casual and friendly vibe to communication. On certain platforms, such as Twitter, where there’s a limit on characters, using slang helps users share more information in a concise way.

Slang terms

The way people use slang is always changing as new words and expressions become more popular. If you are a social media user, you must know common slang terms.

People on the internet use lots of different slang words like HMU, SB, SO, PH, and many more. What does TMB mean on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, the most common meaning of TMB is “text me back.”

The meaning of TMB is almost the same across all social media platforms. It is often used when you want to say to someone, “Text me back.”

How to use TMB?

Let’s see how you can use TMB in your conversation.

Using TMB in Snapchat

TMB: Take My Breath Away

You send a snap of a stunning sunset with the caption “This view is tmb” to express your admiration.

TMB: Text Me Back

You send a snap asking a question and add “tmb?” at the end to encourage a quick response.

Using TMB in a Financial Context

TMB: Thai Military Bank

You visit the TMB website to check your account balance or transfer funds.

You use the TMB mobile app to pay bills or deposit checks.

Using TMB in a Technical Context

TMB: Too Many Bones

You play a board game called “Too Many Bones” and roll dice to defeat enemies.

TMB: Total Mixed Ration

Example: You open a TMB field ration pack to access food and supplies in a military setting.

Using TMB in a Scientific Context

TMB: Tetramethylbenzidine

Example: You perform a laboratory experiment using TMB as a chemical reagent to detect hydrogen peroxide.

How to respond TMB?

Here are specific examples of how to respond to TMB in different scenarios, based on the common meanings.

Scenario 1: TMB means “Take My Breath Away”

Friend sends a photo of a gorgeous beach: “This place is TMB.”

Your response: “Wow, I’m speechless! It looks like paradise. ️ I’m so jealous!”

Scenario 2: TMB means “Text Me Back”

Crush texts you: “Hey, did you see my last message? TMB?”

Your response: “Hey! So sorry, I was in class. What’s up?”

Scenario 3: TMB means “Too Much Booty”

Close friend posts a photo of themselves in a new outfit: “Feeling myself in this dress. ‍TMB?”

Your response: “OMG, yes! You look incredible! Work it!”

Scenario 4: TMB means something else

Friend asks about homework: “Hey, did you finish the TMB assignment yet?”

Your response (assuming TMB is an abbreviation for a specific class or subject): “Not yet, but I’m working on it. It’s kinda tough! Any tips?”

Points to remember:

😊 Feel free to spice up your answers with emojis to show feelings!

🤔 If you’re not sure what someone means, just ask! It’s totally fine.

🔄 Adjust how you reply depending on your friend’s style and how well you know them.

🗨️ Keep chatting like you would in person, and don’t stress too much about what to say!


On Snapchat, the most common meaning of TMB is “text me back”

The meaning of TMB is almost the same across all social media platforms. It is often used when you want to say to someone “text me back.”

Use this slang according to the context of your conversation.

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