What does LLY mean on Snapchat?

We all love using slang terms in our conversations on social media.

Do you know what does LLY mean on Snapchat?

Are you confused about how you should respond to LLY?

In this article, we will discuss the meaning of LLY and how you can use this slang in your conversation.

What is the meaning of “LLY”?

On the internet, people often use slang terms in their conversations. It is a quick way to convey your messages without typing full messages, just like LOL (laugh out loud). You must have used this word many times on the internet. LOL is one of the most common slangs in the digital world.

Slang terms

There are a variety of slang terms on the internet for quicker conversation, like NFS, MK, FRL, and many more. When we see these for the first time, we might not know what they mean, so we often end up searching online to find out. What does LLY mean on Snapchat?

“LLY” likely evolved from simpler abbreviations like “ly” (love you) by adding extra “l”s for emphasis. Similar trends exist with “lol” becoming “lolol” or “omg” becoming “omfg.”

“LLY” on Snapchat can have several meanings depending on the context:

“Love you lots”:

This is the most common interpretation, especially in casual, affectionate messages. You might see it used in captions, chats, or stories between friends, family, or romantic partners.

“Licking love you”:

This is a less common, more playful, and slightly suggestive interpretation. It’s typically used among people who have a close, flirtatious relationship.


“Lly” can sometimes be used sarcastically or for emphasis to mean “literally.” This is more likely in situations where someone might say something obvious or exaggerated.

Custom Meaning:

In some cases, “lly” can have a specific meaning within a group of friends or a particular community. It’s always best to consider the sender and your shared context to understand any potential inside jokes or references.

How to use LLY?

Here are examples of how to use “lly” in different contexts:

Expressing Love and Affection:

Caption on a photo with friends: “Miss my besties lly! ❤️”

Message to a romantic partner: “Goodnight, babe. Lly! “

Comment on a family member’s post: “So proud of you, sis! Lly! “

Playful Flirtation:

Message to a crush: “Thinking about you lly… “

Caption on a suggestive selfie: “Feeling lly good tonight “

Teasing a partner: “Can’t wait to lly you later “

Emphasis or Sarcasm (Rare):

Reacting to an exaggerated statement: “Omg, lly? That’s insane!”

Expressing disbelief: “You lly ate the whole pizza by yourself?”

Conveying frustration: “I’m lly so over this.”

How to respond LLY?

Responding to “LLY” depends on the context, your relationship with the sender, and the tone they used. Here are some ideas:

Reciprocate the Affection:

“Lly too!” – Simple and sweet, mirroring their sentiment.

“Love you tons, [nickname]!” – Adds warmth and personalization.

“Miss you lly too! Can’t wait to see you soon.” – Expands on the feeling and suggests future plans.

Playful Flirtation:

“Oh yeah? Then meet me at [place] later… ” – Teasing reply, keeping the playful vibes going.

“Feeling lly good too. What are you up to?” – Flirty and inquisitive, inviting further conversation.

“You’re making me blush! ” – Lighthearted and appreciative response to a suggestive message.

Acknowledging Emphasis:

“Haha, lly! That’s crazy!” – Reacting to an exaggerated statement with matching enthusiasm.

“Seriously? Wow, I lly can’t believe it!” – Emphasizing disbelief or surprise using “lly” too.

“I know, right?! Lly frustrating.” – Sharing shared frustration for emphasis and understanding.


On Snapchat, the meaning of LLY is “love you lots” or “Licking love you.”

There are other meanings as well that you can use depending on the context of your conversation.

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